Submitting images:

Bits of Britain welcomes submissions, though with certain conditions:

  1. Copyright must be owned by the sender (or the sender must be the agent of the copyright owner.)
  2. Pictures must be available for free use both as stated in the "Copyright info" section, and on this site.
  3. Pictures should be primarily scenic. This is a pictorial guide to Britain, not a collection of photos of granny. Photos of granny infront of a beautiful view may be accepted as long as you can still see the view past granny.
  4. Submit images as a file no more than 200KB for approval. If the image is accepted, then a larger file may be requested. Many file formats will be acceptable, but .jpg is preferred. There is a limit to the file types I can decode.
  5. Copyright will remain with the sender of the image. Bottom Pineapple Publications reserve the right to crop images, without affecting ownership. Bottom Pineaple Publications becomes an agent for the image.

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