The photographs contained within this site are generally amateur shots (ie. mine.) Most have been taken by myself, Ed Hodgkinson, and any others will be individually indicated.

I currently use a Minolta X-700 (conventional SLR) and a Fuji Finepix 2600 (digital), though some of the earlier shots were taken with a fixed everything freebie camera I got from a bank (basically a plastic box with a piece of glass at the front!) The earliest of mine were taken with an old (but excellent) Kodak camera.

You can tell my favourite parts of Britain (or at least the parts I've visited) from where the highest densities of images are. The site will grow as I take more photos that I deem worthy of inclusion, and also by anyone else submitting them.

The map is intended to be split into counties/regions, however the accuracy of the map cannot be guaranteed. Ireland appears on the map as I find it doesn't look right without it, though of course it isn't a part of Britain. There are no pictures of Northern Ireland not for any political reasons, but purely because I've never been there, so have no photos. While this is supposed to be Bits of Britain, if anyone wants to submit photos of Ireland, I'll include them in an additional section. I've included pictures of pineapples since I've had requests for them!

If you find any errors or have any difficulties viewing or using the site, then please send an email to .